A Hidden Treasure

It’s always a treat to find a hidden treasure, whether it be through hunting for antiques, digging through boxes packed away for years or not looking for anything in particular and suddenly that hidden treasure appears.  This is what happened to me when I reconnected with a friend, Todd Aubertin, from many years ago.  

Finding out this friend is an artist was a very cool thing, but then to see his handiwork, I was blown away by his talent for woodworking and carvings.  Todd has an incredible intuitiveness and you can imagine the experience he has after doing this for twenty years. Every piece he makes, he puts his heart and soul into. The finish product is not only filled with his creativity, but they are pieces of art that will spark inspiration and motivation for others.  He does carvings in antlers, which was something I had never seen before and they are amazing.

The first thing I really found in talking with Todd was his love for making flutes. He has made many flutes that have made their way all over the world.  
As I spent some time in Todd’s studio, I was amazed by the creations that had left this shop. Wooden spoons, jewelry, furniture to include a bed, tables, bookshelves, meditation stool as well as custom window sills and fireplace mantels only to mention a few have made their way out to satisfied customers.

Todd’s custom work shows his love for Mother Nature and the gift that he has been given. I had the pleasure of receiving a lap table from Todd. My only specifications that I gave him were I wanted it out of a wood that would show its beauty and I told him of my love of roses.  The end result was spectacular. The lap table was made out of cedar (a fact that he did not know was cedar was one of my two favorite woods) and he did a wood burning into it of native wild pasture roses.

If have not heard of Todd’s work, I urge you to check out his facebook page and pictures of his work. I would highly recommend talking with Todd regarding any requests you may have. Todd can be reached via email or at (603) 724-9631.  The following is a sample of his work.

Outdoor Bench

Meditation Bench
Sectional Bookcase