Second Chances

SECOND CHANCES is now available. This story is near and dear to my heart as I have had the struggles of raising an autistic child, much like Kira's son in this book.   This book is available for the month of April at the .99 digital price to celebrate Autism Awareness Month.  It is also available in print via Amazon or an autographed copy directly through myself.

I am also teamed up with a local artist, Todd Aubertin, who is carving two wooden spoons to be given away to a random new newsletter subscriber.  To enter, simply sign up for my newsletter between now and the end of the month. The drawing will be held May 1st.  Sign up here.

Below is an excerpt of Second Chances:

Kira Nichols pushed back her shoulder length light brown hair as the crisp salt air blew it across her face. As she walked up the path to the cul-de-sac, her sneakers left small impressions in the soft sand.
She sprang into a run when she heard the rumble of a sports car that was going too fast for a street where small children liked to play. She arrived at the cul-de-sac just as the vehicle skidded to a stop in front of the empty lot across from her house. Then she caught her breath as a lean man with rugged features got out of the car. He flashed her a smile that probably caused most women to melt at his feet.
As the man moved across the lot toward the foundation, which had been capped over and abandoned for about a year now, Kira squared her shoulders and approached him. He was at least six feet tall, and she felt minute beside him. She willed herself to appear calm, but she could feel her cheeks begin to flush.
“Grant Rutledge.” He paused and extended his hand to her. His deep voice, like a shot of brandy, was warm and soothing. She swallowed hard, her anger at his reckless driving temporarily forgotten. Then it flared back, and she ignored his hand.
“Do you know there are children in this area?” she demanded, planting her hands on her hips.
“My apologies if you felt I was going too fast.” He gave an exaggerated glance around. “There aren’t any children about now.”
He offered that smile again, and in spite of her anger, her heart softened for a moment. His hand was still extended, so she shook his calloused fingers. Tingles shot up her arm, and she struggled to keep herself from yanking her hand away. Heat flooded her face. She prayed he couldn’t tell.
“Again, I apologize. I hope you won’t think I have no regard for children.”
Kira turned to go. She gestured absently at his car and said, “I just know the type.”
As she forced herself to walk slowly toward her house, she could feel his eyes on her back. She felt both foolish and thankful that she had stayed in shape.
The solitude of the cul-de-sac was one of the reasons she had always loved this spot as a child whenever she had visited her grandfather. Her house, which she had inherited from him, had been the only one in this two-lot area for years, but it looked like they were going to pick up the pace across the street again. She hoped the new construction company would limit their work to business hours, particularly the hours when Jared would be in preschool.
She thought back to the long hours the last group of workers had kept when they put in the foundation. Jared had been unable to sleep due to the noise and disruption of his routine. Hopefully this time around the noise wouldn’t disturb him. He was just beginning to sleep through the night.
If only she could. 

Second Chances can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, or a signed print copy.

A Hidden Treasure

It’s always a treat to find a hidden treasure, whether it be through hunting for antiques, digging through boxes packed away for years or not looking for anything in particular and suddenly that hidden treasure appears.  This is what happened to me when I reconnected with a friend, Todd Aubertin, from many years ago.  

Finding out this friend is an artist was a very cool thing, but then to see his handiwork, I was blown away by his talent for woodworking and carvings.  Todd has an incredible intuitiveness and you can imagine the experience he has after doing this for twenty years. Every piece he makes, he puts his heart and soul into. The finish product is not only filled with his creativity, but they are pieces of art that will spark inspiration and motivation for others.  He does carvings in antlers, which was something I had never seen before and they are amazing.

The first thing I really found in talking with Todd was his love for making flutes. He has made many flutes that have made their way all over the world.  
As I spent some time in Todd’s studio, I was amazed by the creations that had left this shop. Wooden spoons, jewelry, furniture to include a bed, tables, bookshelves, meditation stool as well as custom window sills and fireplace mantels only to mention a few have made their way out to satisfied customers.

Todd’s custom work shows his love for Mother Nature and the gift that he has been given. I had the pleasure of receiving a lap table from Todd. My only specifications that I gave him were I wanted it out of a wood that would show its beauty and I told him of my love of roses.  The end result was spectacular. The lap table was made out of cedar (a fact that he did not know was cedar was one of my two favorite woods) and he did a wood burning into it of native wild pasture roses.

If have not heard of Todd’s work, I urge you to check out his facebook page and pictures of his work. I would highly recommend talking with Todd regarding any requests you may have. Todd can be reached via email or at (603) 724-9631.  The following is a sample of his work.

Outdoor Bench

Meditation Bench
Sectional Bookcase