Bras Are The Work of The Devil!

Bras are the work of the devil!! Are you with me on this?

It’s Hump Day, so I thought it was appropriate to talk about over the shoulder boulder holders.

I love being a writer because writing is an activity that doesn’t require a flopper stopper. And believe me, if I’m up and about, I need to keep the girls leashed!

When I absolutely have to wear a double barreled sling shot, I prefer a front clasp racerback. This isn’t because it makes me sound like I belong in Nascar … it’s not even because there is something sexy and enticing about a front-clasp … it’s all about easy off and no slippage.

The most annoying thing aside from having to wear a medieval torture device, is when the straps slip down your arms. This never happens with a racerback. I also don’t have to pull a muscle trying to reach the back clasps. It’s a win-win!

When you start reading the Summer Lovin’ box set, the best advice I can give is lose the booby holder! Find a comfy spot, give the girls a little freedom, and settle in for the long haul! Even though these aren’t erotic stories, they are still pretty hot and you don’t want to have to deal with boob sweat in the cups!! 

If you haven’t heard of the Summer Lovin’ set, it is a collection of 14 novels and novellas all with a summer theme, many from USA Today and National Bestselling authors. The best part, it’s only $.99. Get it while it’s hot because it’s available only for a limited time!

My debut novel from 2011, RelayFor Love, is one of the novels in Summer Lovin’

In Relay For Love, widow Hannah Locke has a life plan, which does NOT include falling in love again. She lost her husband five years ago and still aches from that loss. That ache seems to dull as it is replaced with a new longing for a man she hardly knows but can’t seem to get out of her head. Aaron Hawkins was only supposed to write a story about Hannah’s Relay For Life fundraising event, but their immediate attraction has him looking for more than just a headline and has Hannah forgetting all about her perfect life plan.

Writing this story was an emotional journey for me. It’s an emotional journey for readers, too, who claim they are laughing on one page and crying on the next. Even my editor, who NEVER cries, shed a few tears (and cussed me out) while editing this story.

I hope someday very soon, this disease is a thing of the past!! That’s why a percentage of my royalties from this book and A Flame Burns Inside is donated to the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness about prevention and treatment and help find a cure!

Pick up Summer Lovin’ today and check out my Facebook page for some great giveaways! 
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