What's Your Comfort Zone?

I am feeling a bit remiss that I haven't been here putting out a blog post as regularly as I had been.  It's been a crazy year.  Lots going on and yet its no excuse.

So although it's not New Year's, I have a new resolution to start my blog back up and be blogging regularly again.  Thank you to those who have hung in with me when I have been sporadic. The past year has been crazy, like I said. But to just recap the past several months I have had a daughter get engaged, return to college for her final year (until grad school), another daughter head off for her first year in college and my son go into his junior year in high school.

I've been adjusting to the house being quiet with just my son there, started a new job, which allows me to write more on a full time basis and on top of all of it have finished my third book, TRUSTING LOVE. I'm excited about this story for so many reasons.  The empowerment of a facing your fears and regaining broken trust is the theme throughout the story. My goal is to have this book released at the end of November.

With so many changes going on I have found myself stretching my comfort zone, which is extremely difficult for me, by attending a few conferences.  I'm so fortunate to have daughters who encourage me and push me when I dig in my heels and decide I just don't want to step out of that comfortable area I have. Although I look forward to going and always have a great time once I get there, the few days before I leave I'm a ball of nerves.

How often do you get stuck in a comfortable place and drag your heels about trying something new? Or are you an adventurous person, always looking to jump into the new and exciting thing?