Why Do We Hurt The Ones We Love

As we grow closer to the Christmas time many things go through my mind. To me, holidays are a source of huge stress. What used to be my favorite time of the year has become a time I would prefer to hide from. Holidays should be a time of loved ones coming together and enjoying the time together. Instead, with all the added stress, it tends to have love ones hurting each other. Why do we do this? When does it become a time of not being selfish and self-centered and really setting aside the pettiness? In the past year for numerous reason time and time again it has been reiterated to me that time is short. Life comes with no guarantees and it is in those difficult times that you hold on to love ones to get you through it. So why do the loved ones lash out or shut down and push you away whenever they feel they just don't want to stop being selfish? For the simple reason of it is easier. It is easier to be hurtful and lash out than to show love in spite of the hurtful coming at you. It is easier to shut oneself away than to put yourself out there for rejection. But if you truly love these people, when is it time for fight for that relationship and not let it just slide past you because it is easier? Do you just write people off as "they will never change" just because you don't want to change to stop the cycle? Why do we hurt the ones we love?