Don't Live With Regrets

My oldest daughter is now officially a resident of North Carolina. I listen to her enjoying her apartment, cooking for herself, working, going to school and I am filled with a pride that only a mother can have. She has worked through many adversaries and come out on top. She is hard working and someone I look up to.

As my other two children get ready to start high school, a junior and a freshman, I wonder where life will take them in the next few years. I see my other daughter, the junior, moving on and continuing with her education also. She is a lot like her older sister in the fact that she is driven and determined to succeed when she puts her mind to it. My son, well he is not a fan of school, I know that he will go far in his life.

I wish I had had the drive and determination for my life when I was their age. I spent my younger years not knowing what I wanted and when I did figure out what I wanted for my life, it took me years to gather the courage to finally doing it. That is when I started my journey as a writer.

Four and half short years after writing my first book, it will be released. I’m overwhelmed with emotions when I think of this release. This first book was therapeutic for me to write as, although it is fiction, a lot of emotion and obstacles that I had faced in my own life are portrayed in this book. In writing it through someone else's eyes, my heart healed and I was able to put a lot of regret behind me.

My new motto – Face life head on and don’t live with regrets. This motto I hope I can convey to my children as they pursue their life dreams whether it be as a speech/language pathologist, into forensics, playing basketball for a living, joining the Air Force or getting into the health field, my dream is for my children to pursue whatever desire they have wholeheartedly and without regret.

How many of us pursue our life desires this way? How long has it taken you to achieve something that has been a lifelong goal?