Putting Aside Disappointment

Disappointment comes in waves. This week it feels like I'm drowning in them between life issues that have come up and then Friday night receiving yet another rejection for my book. If not for the major kick in the butt from a writer friend of mine, I would give up completely. So I continue on in my endeavor of getting published.

With new resolve, I have decided to move on to book #2, which is a quarter of the way completed and dive into it once more. In researching cost of breast cancer treatment, I realize how important this walk my daughter is doing for the cure of breast cancer. So many people are uninsured, or have very limited insurance, and the costs of treatment for breast cancer are staggering. We need to take a step back, dig down if we can and contribute to the cause. Breast cancer has touched my life through my great aunt and my grandmother. Have you been touched by this disease either through a family member or a close friend?

I was here. It's such an appropriate song for all of us to stand up and make a difference whether it is for something such as breast cancer or if it is just touching other peoples lives.

I urge you to make a difference and donate if possible to this cause here.

So I put aside my disappointment in yet another rejection and move on in my writing. In learning more of the different aspects of this terrible disease, I urge you to help, if you can, to find a cure.