Growing Up

I picked up my daughter last night from her two week trip to California. Now she is 18 and preparing for college in the fall and the one thing that struck me is how grown up she is. As I listened to her talk about her trip and how much she hates New Hampshire and the cold weather, I realized my daughter is a young woman now, not my little girl. Yes, in a lot of aspects she will always be my little girl. She still makes me smile with her way of joking that just teases you out of a blue mood.

As we talked about colleges and when she wants to go I feel a sense of pride. She has grown into a responsible adult with a good head on her shoulders. I feel confident as she goes out into the world that she will succeed at whatever she puts her mind too. Am I sad to see her go? Of course, but I also overwhelming good about her going. She's ready to leave the nest.

Does that make me a bad mother for telling her to go to the college furthest away because I know she is ready? I had always heard how kids going away to college is so hard and you don't want them to go, yet to me it seems such like a natural process.

I enjoyed my kids immensely when they were little, and I must admit I enjoy my teenage kids. I'm extremely blessed to have children that don't give me major problems.

So instead of tears in my eyes from loss as my daughter prepares for college, I have tears from pride and joy at seeing grown into the young woman she is. Ren -- You will go far!!